Hi Runners, just to let you know that I am maintaining a spreadsheet of all events run by our members within our club. It is massive and shows all our wonderful achievements past and present. Parkruns 5K, Race for Life 5K, Snowruns 10K, Run or Dye, Hatfield5, Half Marathons, Full Marathons.

I have been successful in finding most race results online, however, not all I’m afraid. So here is how I need your help! It would be nice if you could post your results on the Oh facebook page (or text or email me) and if at all possible ,a picture of your medal or your running watch with a note to show distance and time. Please dont be shy or modest, we are all proud of your achievements and you inspire others by just putting your trainers on and going out. Be safe, be seen and post your events on my screen!
Why not take a look at the race results posted weekly on our webpage www.ohladies.co.uk