Results W/E 28/01/2017

A very damp and muddy Ellenbrook Fields was visited by 103 park-runners on Saturday 28th January 2017.

Our very own Carrie Hudson was Run Director on the day and she saw off some Oh ladies and some family members!

Maria Blythe ran her 94th Parkrun in 29:49

Sylvie Gabbey ran her 46th Parkrun in 31:05

Sarah Haverson ran her 33rd Parkrun in 34:04

Catherine Reid ran her 28th Parkrun in 50:46 as a tail runner.

Well done to all that ran and volunteered.

Congratulations to those that ran with Gadeside Valley Harriers with their 12 miler marathon training event on Sunday 29th January.



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Essendon 5K and 10K 22nd January 2017

The temperature was -6, and Jack Frost was more than nipping at your nose.  Even Simon Pegg had frost on his beard!

Essendon 5K 22nd January 2017

Melissa Mileham 25:02 (more than a 5K course, say more like 5.3K) ** Congratulations on 1st place for female 5K **

Alison Newberry 29:58 (more than a 5K course, say more like 5.3K)

Essendon 10K 22nd January 2017

Catherine Reid 01:19:35 (more than a 10k course, say more like 10.6K)

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Results Sunday 22nd January 2017

Fred Hughes St Albans 22nd January 2017 10 Miles

Jan Haydon 01:28:32 ** New PB **

Angela Spicer 01:33:41

Paula Mummery 01:34:09 ** New PB **

Tracy Jacob 01:41:30

Louise Sopp 01:41:41 ** New PB **

Sarah Bailey 01:42:29

Melanie Lynch 01:51:17 ** New PB **

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Results W/E 21/01/2017

Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun

Denise Hill 26:45 ** New PB **

Rachel Andrews 27:28 ** New PB **

Milena Nuti 28:30

Lisa Duncan 31:30

Sarah Haverson 32:10

Sylvie Gabbey 32:14

Natalie Moore 37:09

Catherine Reid 38:03

Julie Allen 40:28

Panshanger Park Parkrun

Rebecca Terry 36:22

Stevenage Parkrun

Maria Blythe 29:04


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Results W/E 14/01/2017

Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun

Jan Haydon 25:44

Denise Hill 27:14 ** New PB **

Milena Nuti 28:36

Maria Blythe 28:54

Alison Newberry 30:14

Zoe Clark 31:30

Sylvie Gabbey 32:12

Melanie Lynch 33:34

Tracy Jacob 37:18

Catherine Reid 40:00

Panshanger Parkrun

Louise Sopp 29:27

Lisa Duncan 33:06



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Results W/E 07/01/2017

Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 07/01/2017

Melissa Mileham 24:13

Jan Haydon 26:25

Alison Newberry 27:55

Denise Hill 28:29

Rachel Andrews 29:18

Angela Spicer 29:43

Milena Nuti 29:47

Donna O’Toole 30:41

Louise Sopp 30:45

Victoria Tidd 31:39 ** Welcome back **

Paula Mummery 31:40

Sylvie Gabbey 33:13

Angela Blundell 38:39

Julie Allen 43:25

Panshanger Park 07/01/2017

Maria Blythe 54:36


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Results W/E 01/01/2017

Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 31st December and 1st January and Panshanger Parkrun 1st January

EFP 31/12/2016

Denise Hill 27:53 ** PB **

Tracy Jacob 28:33

Milena Nuti 29:18

Alison Wildey 29:44

Lousie Sopp 29:52

Rachel Andrews 30:27

Sylvie Gabbey 31:28

Alison Newberry 31:45

Melanie Lynch 32:55

Maxine Goold 34:17

Julie Allen 37:06

EFP 01/01/2017

Alison Newberry 28:51

Donna O’Toole 30:32

Donna Whitney 37:47

Panshanger Park 01/01/2017

Denise Hill 28:26

Lisa Duncan 32:38

Verulam Parkrun 01/01/2017

Melissa Mileham 23:26

Donna O’Toole 29:01






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Results W/E 24/12/2016

Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun was well attended on Christmas Eve with Oh runners and their children.  Maybe the mince pies and mulled wine had something to do with it! 2 Ladies did the double festivity run and ran Christmas day too, see below.

Alison Newberry 27:44

Denise Hill 27:54 PB **

Milena Nuti 29:21

Alison Wildey 29:26

Maria Blythe 29:39

Rachel Andrews 30:21

Tracey Jacob 32:02

Louise Sopp 32:05

Sarah Haverson 32:26

Julie Allen 36:45

Sylvie Gabbey 38:40

Donna Whitney 39:50

Sarah Badger 44:56 Tail runner

December 25th Panshanger Park

Denise Hill 28:13

Maria Blythe 34:09

Verulam Parkrun 24th December

Melissa Mileham 23:06

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And the nominees are…

With only 10 days to go until the big night and only 3 days left to purchase your tickets its time to announce the nominees for 2016’s prestigious Ohwards Annual Celebration.

Nominees are:

Best New Oh Lady – Lisa Duncan, Kirsty Lemare-North, Denise Hill, Rachel Andrews, Catherine Ried and Aanjla Sengupta

Most Improved Oh Lady – Louise Sopp, Milena Nuti, Zoe Clark, Jan Haydon, Denise Hill, Aanjla Sengupta and Rachel Andrews

Perseverance of Oh – Mandy Tait, Melanie Lynch, Kirsty Lemare-North, Tracey Ede and Catherine Ried

Runner of the Year and Runner-up Runner of the Year – were unanimous  so will be revealed on the night!

Fastest 5k, 10k, half and full marathons will also be announced on the night.

Huge thanks to all our Oh Leaders who have been great leaders and are not eligible for the above Ohwards as they get to choose them!  Thank you to Sarah Bailey, Sarah Badger, Kim Brewer, Amy Brunt, Andrea Halliwell, Emma Knight, Paula Mummery and Donna Staughton O’Toole.

If you would like to become an Oh Leader in Running Fitness there is a local 1 day course coming up which the club can fund – we always need more leaders so please get in touch at for more information or to book your place.

Thank you also to the Committee members who make the Ohwards Celebration Evening happen so we can celebrate our achievements and continue to inspire, enable and support women.  Family, partners and friends are very welcome to attend our celebration evening.  Please support the club and your felloh runners by purchasing your tickets for our celebration event.

January 27th at Mill Green Golf Club @ 8pm.  Reception drinks, buffet & dancing.  Tickets £18 per person.

Please transfer payment to Bank Account 43553817 and sort code 20-92-54 with Oh awards as your reference.   On receipt of payment your e-ticket will be sent to you.  Last date for ticket purchase is Friday January 20th.

Many thanks and see you on the night!

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