Results W/E 15/07/2017

Panshanger, Ellenbrook Fields and Brighton & Hove all had a visit from the Oh Ladies:-

Brighton & Hove

Catherine Reid 40:26


Maria Blythe 30:09

Angela Spicer 30:42

Ellenbrook Fields

Milessa Mileham 22:44

Denise Hill 26:27

Milena Nuti 27:25

Suzanne McFarland 28:33 PB

Melanie Lynch 28:59 PB smashed it!

Victoria Tidd 29:03

Louise Sopp 29:05

Rachel Andrews 29:06

Lisa Duncan 31:10

Sarah Haverson 34:07

Claire Wotton 35:51

Sylvie Gabbey 35:51

Julie Allen 36:52

Alison Wildey 48:14


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Results 09/10/2017 Ware Joggers 10K

9th July 2017 was a scorcher and 4 Oh Ladies went across to Ware to join in the Ware 10’s event organised by Ware Joggers.

The 10’Kers were:-

Maria Blythe 1:02:44

Louise Sopp 1:02:44

Donna O’Toole 1:05:24

10 Miler

Catherine Reid did the 10 miles 2:30:05 and can be seen being helped along by the lovely Donna!

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Results W/E 08/07/2017

Ellenbrook Fields parkrun and Bognor Regis parkrun were attended by Oh Ladies 08/07/2017

Bognor Regis

Claire Wotton 36:41

Andrea Halliwell 36:42

Ellenbrook Fields

Melissa Mileham 22:46

Jan Haydon 24:35

Rachel Andrews 25:12

Denise Hill 26:14

Alec Bird 26:44

Milena Nuti 27:03

Alison Wildey 28:03

Louise Sopp 30:00

Suzanne McFarland 30:05

Lisa Duncan 32:10

Becky Southam 38:22

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Results W/E 01/07/2017

Wimbledon Common was attended by Maria Blythe with a fab time of 27:46 and Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 01/07/2017 had a good Oh Ladies turnout and a PB from Suzanne McFarlane

Jan Haydon 25:34

Paula Mummery 26:37

Denise Hill 26:47

Milena Nuti 27:39

Louise Sopp 29:06

Suzanne McFarlane 29:18

Melanie Lynch 30:50

Sarah Haverson 33:55

Sylvie Gabbey 34:56

Well done all of you

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