Results W/E 24/06/2017

Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 24th June 2017 had 135 runners.  5 were from the Oh Ladies running club.  Here are their results:-

Alison Newberry 26:12
Denise Hill 26:36
Clair Jackelman 29:25
Lisa Duncan 31:51
Catherine Reid 46:00

Well done Clair for a new PB

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Results St Albans Summer Solstice 10K

8 Oh ladies attended the Summer Solstice 10K in St Albans on Friday 23rd June at 8pm.  It was a very hot humid evening!

Jan Haydon 50:59
Paula Mummery 54:37
Rachel Andrews 54:36
Sarah Bailey 1:00:27
Emma Knight 1:02:01
Zoe Clark 1:03:13
Melanie Lynch 1:05:11
Catherine Reid 1:20:12

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Results W/E 17/06/2017

Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 17th June 2017 – another scorcher! Well done to Victoria for a new PB

Melissa Mileham 23:01
Jan Haydon 24:34
Alison Newberry 26:21
Victoria Tidd 27:00
Paula Mummery 27:23
Milena Nuti 27:36
Alec Bird 28:18
Alison Wildey 30:07
Suzanne McFarland 31:02
Sylvie Gabbey 32:09
Lisa Duncan 32:56
Rachel Andrews 36:53
Donna O’Toole 44:57
Catherine Reid 52:20

Panshanger parkrun 17th June 2017

Angela Spicer 29:53
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Results St Albans Half Marathon 11th June 2017

Heat wave madness! St Albans 5K, Half Marathon and walking Half Marathon – Sunday 11th June 2017


Melissa Mileham 24:13

Alison Newberry 24:35

Half Marathon

Victoria Tidd 2:13:49

Rachel Andrews 2:20:25

Sarah Bailey 2:20:34

Walking Half Marathon

Catherine Reid 3:19:53

Hannah Ufland 3:51:11

Clarie Wotton 3:51:13

Sue Rockhill 3:51:14

Carrie Hudson 3:52:44

Sarah Haverson 3:52:44

Alexandra Seaman 3:53:15

Allison Skeggs 3:53:17



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Results W/E 10/06/2017

10th June 2017 – Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 183 runners, St Albans parkrun 405 runners and Panshanger parkrun 319 runners.  Here is what our ladies did:-

Ellenbrook Fields

Denise Hill 25:56

Alison Wildey 28:48

Sylvie Gabbey 30:13

Suzanne McFarland 30:40

Louise Sopp 31:02

Melanie Lynch 32:38

Sarah Badger 32:53

Catherine Reid 33:48 ** New PB **

Donna Whitney 45:34

St Albans

Maria Blythe 28:40


Lisa Duncan 35:31




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Results W/E 03/06/2017

Saturday 3rd June 2017 – parkrun at Ellenbrook Fields, Hatfield.  A time 5k run, jog, walk around the nature reserve.

The Oh ladies were in good attendance:-

Jan Haydon 24:26
Rachel Andrews 25:09
Denise Hill 26:04
Maria Blythe 29:00
Clair Jackelman 30:08
Melanie Lynch 31:31
Lisa Duncan 33:11
Donna O’Toole 44:57
Melissa Mileham 45:05

Well done to each and everyone of you.

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Results W/E 27/05/2017

Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 27/05/2017 was attended by the following ladies:

Congratulations to Rachel and Clair for getting PB’s


Rachel Andrews 24:59
Denise Hill 26:23
Clair Jackelman 29:33
Melanie Lynch 33:03
Catherine Reid 38:08


Oh lady tourists went to Delamere parkrun Cheshire and Edinburgh Park parkrun

Rebecca Terry 33:56
Maria Blythe 28:01


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