Results W/E 19/11/2017

Yvette Johnston Brighton 10K 50:52
Victoria Tidd Knebworth Half Marathon 1:58:32
Adele Baxendale Knebworth Half Marathon 2:00:19
Melissa Mileham Knebworth Half Marathon 1:44:50
Rachel Andrews Knebworth Half Marathon 2:05:05
Catherine Reid Knebworth Half Marathon 3:00:54
Maria Blythe Knebworth Half Marathon 2:20:26
Caroline Bernard Knebworth Half Marathon 2:05:41


Yvette Johnston (1st picture) completed the Brighton 10K on Sunday 19th November 2017

2nd picture are some of the ladies who completed the Knebworth Half Marathon.

Congratulations to all of you who ventured out on this cold Sunday morning and achieved these milestones.  Awesome!



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Results W/E 18/11/2017

On Saturday 18th November, 14 Oh Ladies attended the Ellenbrook Fields parkrun (a timed 5K event at the nature reserve Hatfield Business Park).  Personal bests were achieved by Suzanne, Annette, Kate, Anna-Maria and Lisa Duncan, who also completed her 100th parkrun. Congratulations ladies.

Jan Haydon 24:58
Denise Hill 25:37
Alison Newberry 26:39
Alec Bird 27:45
Milena Nuti 28:13
Suzanne McFarland 28:22
Alison Wildey 29:05
Annette Stratton 30:02
Lisa Duncan 30:09
Rebecca Terry 30:13
Kate Atkins 32:54
Ann-Maria Kress 33:03
Sylvie Gabbey 39:48
Catherine Reid 47:55


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Results W/E 11/11/2017

12 Oh ladies attended the Ellenbrook Fields parkrun on Saturday 11th November 2017. This is a timed 5K event, held on the Hatfield Business Parks’ nature reserve.

Annette Stratton, who had just completed her back to running/new to running course, achieved a well deserved personal best.  Well done everyone.

Jan Haydon 25:12
Denise Hill 25:35
Alison Newberry 26:16
Maria Blythe 27:44
Louise Sopp 30:10
Donna O’Toole 30:12
Annette Stratton 31:03
Lisa Duncan 31:18
Clair Jackelman 31:21
Kate Atkins 33:41
Joanne Evershed 37:23
Sylvie Gabbey 38:51
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Results W/E 04/11/2017

4th November 2017 saw 12 Oh lady runners attend parkruns at Ellenbrook Fields, Brighton & Hove (Maria Blythe), Delamere (Rebecca) and Panshanger (Helen).  Well done ladies.

Denise Hill 25:40
Alison Newberry 26:52
Milena Nuti 27:25
Louise Sopp 30:09
Lisa Duncan 31:40
Amanda Osgood 33:42
Annette Stratton 33:43
Kate Atkins 33:49
Catherine Reid 48:28
Maria Blythe 27:43
Rebecca Terry 33:19
Helen Convery 30:31
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Results W/E 28/10/2017

28th October 2017 saw 15 Oh ladies attend parkruns at Ellenbrook Fields, Sheringham (Milena) and Swansea Bay (Annette).  Well done ladies.

Jan Haydon 24:50
Victoria Tidd 25:24
Alison Newberry 26:07
Louise Sopp 30:56
Melanie Lynch 31:06
Rebecca Terry 31:20
Amanda Osgood 32:39
Kate Atkins 33:22
Denise Hill 33:22
Lisa Duncan 35:22
Ann-Maria Kress 35:23
Julie Allen 39:11
Catherine Reid 39:32
Milena Nuti 29:36
Annette Stratton 30:42
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