Coronavirus Statement – 17/03/2020

The UK government has advised that everyone in the UK should now avoid “non-essential” travel and contact with others to fight coronavirus.  Whilst it has not issued any ban on public gatherings of any size either indoors or outdoors at this stage, the advice is to avoid non-essential contact with others, including going to sporting events, pubs, clubs, theatres and social venues.

As a result, England Athletics advises that all face-to-face activity such as club training sessions, events, competitions, club committee and face-to-face meetings, athlete camps, running groups and social events should be suspended until at least the end of April.



As a result of the latest England Athletics advice we will suspend all group sessions including our New to/Back to Running course which is due to start on Saturday March 21st. 

Any one who has paid for the course will be entitled to either a refund or to re-book the course later in the year when it will go ahead.  We are sad that we are not able to meet and run with you at this time, but are confident that we will be delivering the course later in the year.

The current schedule of group runs will be collapsed until further notice and the proposed club trips to the Hogsmill 5 and the Bournemouth Running festival are currently paused.

The risk of people feeling isolated both physically and mentally will be challenging so please do continue to use our social channels to interact and share your news, ingenious ideas, thoughts and feelings.

We are a community of women who care for, inspire and support each-other and just because the running and walking together is on hold doesn’t mean the rest of what we offer has to stop.  Spread only positivity, light and kindness. 


From England Athletics:

The decision has been taken in the interests of athletes, runners, officials, coaches, volunteers, supporters and the wider athletics and running communities. This decision is also in alignment with actions taken by the home country athletics federations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and is similar to action taken by other sports.

Where possible, athletes and runners at all levels are encouraged to maintain their own personal fitness and keep active during this time, while following government guidelines about safe distance and safe exercise environments.

England Athletics will continue to review and monitor government advice and will provide detailed updates on the impact to our sport in the coming weeks. We appreciate that the current situation will undoubtedly place our member clubs in a difficult situation and we are working with UKA and the other Home Country Athletics Federations on the best way to help alleviate the situation and will update you as plans evolve.

Social distancing and advice

Social distancing measures (as defined by Public Health England as spending more than 15 minutes and within a 2-metre distance talking to someone) are now advised not only if we test positive or have symptoms, but in day to day life.  As well as current travel advice, the current UK government is advising anyone with a “new, continuous” cough or high temperature and those they live with need to self-isolate for 14 days.

At Risk groups

The latest advice from the government’s chief medical adviser is that those over 70 currently do not need to be self-isolating. However, in the coming days, every Briton over the age of 70 and those in at-risk groups over the age of 70 will be advised to be “largely shielded from social contact” for 12 weeks to help protect themselves. Those with underlying medical issues such as high blood pressure, lung complaints and weakened or compromised immune systems are more likely to develop serious illness as a result of the disease.

Anyone with a higher risk from viruses such as cold or flu should take sensible steps to reduce the risk of picking up infections. Click here for NHS advice on infection control – it is summarized below:

  • wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • always wash your hands when you get home or into work
  • use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards
  • avoid close contact with people who have symptoms of coronavirus
  • use phone, online services, or apps to contact your GP surgery or other NHS services

Click here for the government’s advice if you have symptoms

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Wodson Park Youth Open Meet 400m

Sunday March 15th 400 m Race Results


Race 1 – 400m 1
Pos Race No Athlete Age M/F Perf.
1 29 Ethan Page U19 M 59.24
2 27 Jack Offord U17 M 1:01:96
3 32 Liam Hoey U17 M 1:08:77
4 30 Oli Parsbey U16 M 1:09:02
5 28 Archie Clark U16 M 1:14:62


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Ellenbrook Fields parkrun results

Ellenbrook Fields parkrun


Jan HAYDON             27:13:00
Denise HILL               29:23:00
Sarah BADGER          34:44:00
Fiona GRIEVE            36:50:00
Alison WILDEY          37:23:00
Louise SOPP                37:58:00
Melanie LYNCH          38:13:00
Donna O’TOOLE        38:43:00
Tanya HONEY            47:32:00
Catherine REID          52:34:00
Lisa DUNCAN             55:35:00
Sarah HAVERSON     01:02:40
Allison SKEGGS          01:02:40


Jan HAYDON                             25:05:00
Nijole MACE                               25:45:00
Alison NEWBERRY                28:19:00
Carole DATHAN                     29:27:00
Deborah BIRD                        31:28:00
Sarah BADGER                       33:56:00
Louise SOPP                            34:54:00
Donna O’TOOLE                    34:55:00
Aine RICHARDSON              37:20:00
Rebecca TERRY                     37:40:00
Shahinara CRAVEIRO         38:05:00
Emily REDING                      43:33:00
Catherine REID                     44:29:00
Melanie LYNCH                    46:03:00


Jan HAYDON                  25:32:00
Alison NEWBERRY       28:05:00
Nijole MACE                    28:34:00
Alison WILDEY              32:20:00
Aine RICHARDSON      34:43:00
Lyn WILLIAMS              34:46:00
Fiona GRIEVE                34:49:00
Sylvie GABBEY               35:18:00
Shahinara CRAVEIRO  35:23:00
Kate ATKINS                  36:24:00
Anna-Maria KRESS      36:29:00
Tanya HONEY               38:08:00
Karen ROCKLIFFE       38:45:00
Catherine REID             50:39:00


Jan HAYDON                25:43:00
Carole DATHAN            28:33:00
Alison NEWBERRY      28:35:00
Alison WILDEY             30:13:00
Sarah HAVERSON       33:03:00
Sarah BADGER             34:27:00
Donna O’TOOLE           35:07:00
Diane STAPELBERG   44:15:00
Tanya HONEY              44:31:00

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Run Hatfield House 13/10/19


Alison Newberry              27:00


Philippa Davis                    47:36

Fiona Grieve                      55:59

Caroline Bernard              55:59

Paula Mummery              58:36

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Parkrun results 19/10/19

Results from Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 19/10/19

Congratulations to the graduates from the OH Ladies Back to Running/New to Running course who completed their first parkrun.

102 Alison NEWBERRY 26:30 VW55-59 67.42 % F 14 Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group PB stays at 00:24:56 125
122 Caroline BERNARD 27:08 VW35-39 55.77 % F 24 Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group PB stays at 00:24:49 74
192 Alison WILDEY 30:18 VW45-49 54.68 % F 54 Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group PB stays at 00:27:56 44
210 Sarah HAVERSON 31:32 VW50-54 54.49 % F 66 Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group PB stays at 00:29:08 75
241 Melanie LYNCH 33:57 VW45-49 48.21 % F 85 Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group PB stays at 00:28:59 96
274 Sylvie GABBEY 38:08 VW55-59 48.12 % F 112 Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group PB stays at 00:27:46 134
287 Karen ROCKLIFFE 40:52 VW40-44 38.50 % F 119 Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group First Timer! 1
288 Denise HILL 40:53 VW50-54 42.03 % F 120 Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group PB stays at 00:24:48 202
301 Catherine REID 45:11 VW55-59 40.61 % F 130 Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group PB stays at 00:33:48 133
305 Julie TOWNSEND 47:49 VW50-54 35.48 % F 132 Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group First Timer! 1
306 Lisa DUNCAN 47:49 VW45-49 33.88 % F 133 Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group PB stays at 00:30:09 169
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Welwyn Half Marathon 17/03/2019

Jan Haydon Welwyn Half Marathon 1:54:59
Emily Reding Welwyn Half Marathon 2:53:57
Caroline Bernard Welwyn Half Marathon 2:08:23
Adele Baxendale Welwyn Half Marathon 2:08:09
Donna O’Toole Welwyn Half Marathon 2:42:12
Karen Rockliffe Welwyn Half Marathon 3:09:54

Lots of familiar faces on the course and assisting with marshalling.  Well done to each and everyone of you who took part in this local Half Marathon event.

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Results W/E 16/03/2019

It seems to be a trend, high winds when its parkrun day!

These courageous ladies battled the 5 K timed courses and one Oh lady got a PB.  Well done Shahinara

Jan Haydon Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 24:59
Nijole Mace Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 27:17
Alison Newberry Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 27:19
Maria Blythe Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 29:25
Denise Hill Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 32:49
Lisa Duncan Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 33:15
Anna-Maria Kress Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 35:11
Shahinara Craveiro Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 39:24
Caroline Bernard Panshanger parkrun 28:51
Tanya Honey Jersey Farm parkrun 40:18
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Results London Vitality Big Half 10/03/2019

A shocking windy day, horizontal rain and Big Ben running backwards!  These crazy ladies gave it their best shot.  You are all amazing!

Sarah Bailey Vitality Half Marathon 2:22:49
Alison Wildey Vitality Half Marathon 2:24:43
Melanie Lynch Vitality Half Marathon 2:32:27
Louise Sopp Vitality Half Marathon 2:42:44
Andrea Halliwell Vitality Half Marathon 1:58:40
Caroline Bernard Vitality Half Marathon 1:56:08
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