Results W/E 20/05/2017

Congratulations to all those that joined in the party at Ellenbrook Fields on 20.05.2017, to celebrate its first anniversary.  A race back for the cake helped attract a couple of PB’s from Alec Bird and Sylvie Gabbey.  Well done.

Melissa Mileham attended the Wheathampstead 10K with yet another amazing time of 51:29.  Awesome!

Good work everyone!

Jan Haydon 25:22
Rachel Andrews 25:56
Alec Bird 26:35
Sylvie Gabbey 27:46
Milena Nuti 27:54
Alison Wildey 27:57
Louise Sopp 28:54
Maria Blythe 31:06
Melanie Lynch 31:32
Sarah Haverson 31:46
Julie Tiplady 31:51
Catherine Reid 36:16
Libby Jackelman 38:10
Clair Jackelman 38:11
Melissa Mileham 51:29
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Results W/E 13/05/2017

The parkruns were busy again this weekend, with 12 attending Ellenbrook Fields, Louise and Rebecca attending Panshanger Park and Maria at Rickmansworth.

Melissa Mileham saved her legs for the Sunday 10K at Hertford with a time of 50:57, very impressive!

Alison Newberry 26:08
Denise Hill 26:21
Rachel Andrews 27:10
Alec Bird 28:18
Alison Wildey 28:36
Sylvie Gabbey 29:26
Melanie Lynch 30:42
Sarah Badger 31:03
Lisa Duncan 32:52
Donna O’Toole 38:53
Milena Nuti 39:01
Catherine Reid 50:27
Louise Sopp 30:51
Rebecca Terry 34:18
Maria Blythe 28:43
Melissa Mileham 50:57
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Results W/E 06/05/2017

A busy weekend of running for the 5 k’ers at parkrun Ellenbrook Fields, Panshanger Park and Aylesbury.  Congratulations to the following for PB’s – Victoria Tidd and Melanie Lynch.

Donna O’Toole took on the Greenway Challenge in Letchworth, a half marathon with a time of 02:25:19.

Melissa Mileham 22:56
Rachel Andrews 25:51
Alison Newberry 25:52
Denise Hill 25:53
Victoria Tidd 27:22
Sylvie Gabbey 30:14
Melanie Lynch 30:40
Lisa Duncan 33:18
Maxine Bates 34:29
Catherine Reid 36:35
Becky Southam 37:59
Julie Tiplady 38:44
Sarah Haverson 41:55
Louise Sopp 33:53
Maria Blythe 33:53
Rebecca Terry 31:36
Donna O’Toole 02:25:19

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Results W/E 29/04/2017

Ellenbrook Fields parkrun was attended by 11 Oh Ladies on 29/04/2017 and Maria Blythe and Rebecca Terry went touristy and attended Winchester and Aylesbury parkrun, with Lisa Duncan attending Panshanger Park.

Congratulations to the following for PB’s: Melissa Mileham, Denise Hill and Claire Wotton.

Melissa Mileham 22:36
Denise Hill 25:30
Alison Newberry 25:57
Milena Nuti 27:04
Jan Haydon 27:09
Sylvie Gabbey 29:06
Andrea Halliwell 33:02
Louise Sopp 33:03
Claire Nash Wotton 35:32
Lisa Duncan 35:04
Nike Y Idowu 45:43
Donna O’Toole 49:30
Maria Blythe 27:14
Rebecca Terry 32:38
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Results for London Marathon 23/04/2017

The London Marathon was well supported by the Oh Ladies.  A team of groupies were on the side lines, stalking our runners wherever possible! A beautiful day with beautiful people.

Well done to:-

Paula Mummery 04:14:43
Jan Haydon 04:14:43
Emma Gomes 05:24:24
Tracy Jacob 05:50:15
Natalie Moore 06:04:28
Emma Knight

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Results W/E 22/04/2017

Ellenbrook Fields parkrun had a good Oh Ladies turnout and Rebecca Terry popped over to Aylesbury parkrun.

Saturday 22nd April saw the ‘Oh Ladies new to running and back to running group’ complete their first parkrun, supported by the Oh Ladies!

Congratulations to the following ladies with their new PB’s – Melissa Mileham, Maria Blythe, Milena Nuti, Clair Jackelman and to our First Timers – Julie Tiplady, Becky Southam, Gail Lumsden and Nike Idowu

Melissa Mileham 22:45
Maria Blythe 26:33
Milena Nuti 26:59
Sylvie Gabbey 28:25
Zoe Clark 28:53
Clair Jackelman 29:49
Julie Tiplady 29:51
Sarah Haverson 33:02
Maxine Bates 33:58
Becky Southam 36:24
Gail Lumsden 36:28
Denise Hill 36:29
Allison Skeggs 37:37
Lisa Duncan 44:40
Nike Y Idowu 44:41
Donna O’Toole 56:45
Rebecca Terry 32:22
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Results W/E 15/04/2017

Ellenbrook Fields Hatfield Parkrun, a timed 5K

Well done ladies for taking part and congratulations to Alison Wildey for a new personal best of 27:56

Jan Haydon 24:50
Denise Hill 25:55
Alison Newberry 26:04
Louise Sopp 27:47
Alison Wildey 27:56
Sarah Haverson 32:17
Catherine Reid 35:37
Allison Skeggs 54:14
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New Session Plan

 Day          Time Meeting location Leader Session description

Starting May 15th.

9:15am Football pitches entrance, at Uni of Herts de Haviland Campus, just opposite Club de Haviland. Enmma Knight All welcome, varied distance between 3-5 miles, great start to the week!
Tuesday Fun Club 6 am Hatfield Station steps

(toilets available)

Sarah Badger All welcome – out and back routes to suit all, bring lights! Confirm on facebook if you are attending.

Starting May 9th.

9:15 am start Hatfield Cycles, Hatfield Carrie Hudson All welcome, social run with distance to suit everyone and coffee and cake at the end!
Tuesday 6:30 pm




Hatfield Station Steps

(toilets available)


Donna Staughton O’Toole 4 to 8 miles varied routes through Hatfield or Welwyn.  Including hill training, interval and group runs.  No one gets left behind.
Wednesday 6:30 pm June 7th – July 12th

September 13th – October 18th

Lisa and Denise New to/Back to running 6 week courses as advertised.
Thursday Fun Club 6:00 am Hatfield Station steps

(toilets available)

Sarah Badger All welcome – out and back routes with intervals to suit all.  Confirm on facebook if you are attending.

Starting from May 11th.

6:30 pm Hatfield Station steps

(toilets available)

Paula Mummery


Suitable for those who wish to work towards and improve on a 5 km

Starting May 19th.

7:15 pm Hatfield Station steps

(toilets available)

Andrea Halliwell, Sarah Bailey or Paula Mummery This is an improvers group for those who have complete a new to running course and would like to develop themselves further.  The group can be divided in two to accommodate all runners so is suitable for all.
Saturday 9 am

(arrive 8:50)

Ellenbrook Fields (other parkruns are available!) Free timed

5 k

parkrun, free timed 5 k, run or volunteer
Sunday 8 am Hatfield Station steps (toilets available) Various leaders All welcome, social group run with pace, time and distance for everyone.


New to Running sessions starting on June 7th and September 13th 2017 with Denise and Lisa.

Ad-hoc group runs also take place in WGC so please contact Kim for details via

Contact for more information or to book your place.

During school holidays and on Bank holidays there may be some adjustment to sessions depending on leader availability so please check our facebook and twitter or email for details.

The next training plan will run from October 2017.

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