Results W/E 26/06/2016

Welwyn 10K 26th June 2016

3 Oh Runners did so well.

Louise Sopp recorded a personal best for 10K

Jan Haydon 54.52
Louise Sopp 58.40
Denise Hill 59.43

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Results W/E 25/06/2016

Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 25/06/2016 on Flood Alert! But it did not deter 78 runners.

Panshager Park Parkrun 217 runners

St Albans Parkrun 364 runners

Jasper Hudson 22:36
Adam Goold 22:39
Tim Hudson 24:00
Jan Haydon 26:08
Angela Spicer 26:28
Sylvie Gabbey 29:33
Sarah Haverson 30:06
Milena Nuti 30:11
Melanie Lynch 56:55


Personal Bests recorded for Jasper Hudson and Sylvie Gabbey, well done

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Results W/E 18/06/2016

A very busy Oh Ellenbrook Park run 18/06/2016

Panshanger Park 276 runners

St Albans 373 runners

Ellenbrook Fields 121 runners (20 of them Oh runners!)

Personal bests recorded for Denise Hill and Noah Whitney

Jan Haydon 26:04
Andrea Halliwell 26:15
Alison Newberry 27:37
Holly Skeggs 28:16
Zoe Clark 28:42
Noah Lynch 28:58
Denise Hill 29:11
Paula Mummery 29:29
Noah Whitney 30:02
Sylvie Gabbey 30:12
Milena Nuti 30:34
Sarah Haverson 30:38
Emma Knight 30:58
Melanie Lynch 34:56
Natalie Moore 38:20
Zachary Jacob 38:32
Tracy Jacob 38:34
Donna Whitney 38:38
Sue Rockhill 53:33

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June Oh! Newsletter

Dear Oh! Athlete,

As the rain trashes down, it is with tongue in cheek that I publish the summer training schedule and wish you a happy summer of training towards your chosen goal.

There are a few small changes to the session plan so please take a look at times and locations on the attached ‘pocket sized’ schedule, perhaps even print one off for the fridge!  The Oh! website will be updated to reflect this plan within the next 7 days. Please  take a look at what is on offer and make the most of your membership.

There is a flurry of activity with streaks and 100 mile challenges a plenty this month.  Well done to all taking part, it really is inspirational stuff!  Almost made me wish I had done one myself!

Our summer plan includes a free family fun day on July 23rd, a members evening event with guest speaker, summer track & brunch mornings as well as all our leader runs, a beginner course, half marathon training, early morning fun club, social runs, intervals, hills and so much more!  Also to look forward to are the Marathon celebration meal, Bournemouth Running Festival weekend away and an evening event in our own backyard!

There are two more Josie Yoga sessions this month at 69 The Ryde – all are welcome, pop down at 7:45 and give it a try on Weds 22nd June or Weds 29th June with 

We are also in the process of planning First Aid training courses for our leaders and Committee Members so we are in the very best position to look after you!  If you would like a place on the course please get in touch as we may have a few spare spaces. 

Thanks to Maxine for collating our results, if you would like to see your name on the table please be sure to include your club (Old Hatfield Ladies)  on your race entries as this makes it possible to search your results.  Thinking ahead to our awards evening – you have to be in it to win it!

And finally…. this may well be your first and your last Oh! newsletter!  Enjoy it while you can!  We are moving into the new technological2016 Summer Session plan interweb age and will be focusing efforts on our website as the main communication tool. With this in mind I am pleased to say that we will be introducing a blog to the Oh! website and keeping you up to date with all our news via that medium. Now blogs don’t write themselves so we will also be looking for interesting content so if you fancy yourself as a blogger please feel free to send in some content to share with the club.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you for your support of the Oh! Ladies – you really are amazing!

Run happy,


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Results W/E 11/06/2016

Parkruns, Marshalling and #TGCinHerts

Parkrun Ellenbrook Fields was hosted by Sarah Haverson as the Run Director and marshalled by lots of Oh ladies.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered their services and for the many Oh runners.

The course was wet and after a heavy downpour the night before, there were plenty of puddles.

Paula Mummery 30:03

Tracy Jacob 30:16

Aanjla Sengupta 32:39

Donna O’Toole 33:12

Donna Whitney 34:34

Rachel Andrews 34:37

Allison Skeggs 35:24

Karen Garg 37:49

Julie Allen 42:09

Parkrun Ellenbrook had 129 runners, Panshanger 273 runners and Verulam 343 runners.  Maria Blythe was the tail runner 49:09.  Ellenbrook Fields Tail runner came in at 48:04 ;0)

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Results W/E 04/06/2016

04/06/2016 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 129 runners (St Albans 442, Panshanger Park 284, Stevenage 272)

Olympic Park 10K

Olympic Park 10K

Natalie Moore 01:12:26

Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun

Jasper Hudson 23:20
Tim Hudson 23:22
Alison Newberry 25:19
Jan Haydon 25:53
Paula Mummery 27:33
Noah Lynch 28:06
Sylvie Gabbey 30:34
Aanjla Sengupta 32:27
Rachel Andrews 35:21
Andrea Nash 36:59
Julie Allen 38:51
Allison Skeggs 55:28


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Results W/E 28/05/2016

Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun – 107 runners (St Albans 404, Panshanger Park 298)

A great turn out by the Oh Ladies running club, runners and volunteers alike.  Many thanks

Jasper Hudson 23:11
Tim Hudson 23:15
Alison Newberry 25:54
Jan Haydon 26:00
Louise Sopp 27:23
Tracey Jacob 27:46
Sarah Haverson 29:08
Noah Lynch 29:54
Donna Whitney 29:54
Donna Whitney 29:55
Sylvie Gabbey 30:54
Melanie Lynch 31:41
Aanjla Sengupta 31:48
Rachel Andrews 35:07

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Oh Runners are proud to be supporting the This Girl Can in Herts week  from June 6th to 12th.

There are hundreds of new activities to try all aimed at women and girls in Herts, check out for all the information or come down to our Taste of Running session on June 6th at 6:45 pm meeting at Herts Sports Village reception area for a free, fun taste of running.,-0.2499614,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x113654ac382f54cf!8m2!3d51.7606282!4d-0.2499614

Oh Runners are also putting on a 6 week New to Running course starting on June 11th at 8 am at Ellenbrook Fields (Albatross Way Hatfield) which is open to all women and girls of any fitness level aged 18 and over.

email joinus@ohladies for more information.


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