W/E 26/03/2017

Week Ending 26th March 2017 marked a very special occasion for an Oh lady runner and avid Parkrunner.  Maria Blythe is the second person in our infamous Oh Ladies Running Club to reach 100 Parkruns, Denise Hill is now on 102 Parkruns!

The occasion was celebrated by supportive runners, marshals, family members and not forgetting CAKE! There were also 3 PB’s

Whoop Whoops! go out to:-

Denise Hill 27:13

Milena Nuti 27:44 ** New PB **

Zoe Clark 27:53

Maria Blythe 27:53

Louise Sopp 27:59

Alison Wildey 28:18 ** New PB **

Sylvie Gabbey 28:54

Rebecca Terry 29:53 ** New PB ** sub 30 for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Haverson 34:27

Catherine Reid 36:52

Alison Newberry 44:27

St Albans Parkrun – Melissa Mileham 23:01


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Results W/E 19/03/2017

Week ending 19th March 2017 was yet another busy week for the Oh ladies, attending by either running, spectating or marshalling the Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun in Hatfield and or the Welwyn Half Marathon at Goslin Sports Park. Congratulations to all our runners, results below:-

Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun

Melissa MIleham 23:29

Alison Newberry 27:52

Rebecca Terry 32:02

Sylvie Gabbey 34:12

Hannah Ufland 37:57 ** Welcome back! **

Claire Wotton Nash 37:58

Catherine Reid 53:03

Welwyn Half Marathon

Denise Hill 02:03:25

Angela Blundell 02:04:31

Paula Mummery 02:06:01

Jan Haydon 02:06:01

Maria Blythe 02:11:18

Alison Wildey 02:16:59

Louise Sopp 02:26:22

Sarah Bailey 02:26:21

Tracey Jacob 02:34:19

Rachel Andrews 02:35:40

Helen Convery 02:36:08

Lisa Duncan 02:48:32

Sarah Badger 02:45:54

Melanie Lynch 02:56:13

Natalie Moore 02:57:14

Aajla Sengupta 03:03:56


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Results W/E 12/03/2017

W/E 12th March 2017 saw the Oh Ladies, running, supporting and marshalling events at Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun and the Silverstone Half Marathon.  Here are the results:-

Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun

Melissa Mileham 23:03 ** New PB **

Denise Hill 26:53

Alison Newberry 27:41

Helen Convery 28:11

Milena Nuti 28:27

Donna O’Toole 28:58

Lousie Sopp 29:27

Rebecca Terry 31:55

Sylvie Gabbey 34:24

Aanjla Sengupta 35:54

Sarah Badger 36:04

Catherine Reid

Julie Allen 39:20

Sarah Haverson 55:36

Silverstone Half Marathon

Jan Haydon 1:51:53

Paula Mummery 1:55:49

Sarah Bailey 2:12:40

Rachel Andrews 2:14:43

Tracey Jacobs 2:28:59

Melanie Lynch 2:35:21

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Results Berkhamsted Half Marathon 05.03.2017

Berkhamsted Half Marathon Sunday 5th March 2017.

Unlike Cambridge, the Berkhamsted course was undulating and a real test for experienced runners.  Congratulations to our 3 runners that took up the challenge and came home with fantastic results.  Awesome! Terrific! Amazing!

Jan Haydon 1:59:46

Paula Mummery 2:00:18

Rachel Andrews 2:16:25



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Cambridge Half Marathon 5th March 2017

Oh Ladies on Tour, took runners and marshals to Cambridge for the Cambridge Half Marathon on a rather wet Sunday morning.  We moved bins, we picked up rubbish, we got squirted in the face by water, we juggled gels, we hydrated runners and we cheered runners on.    Our runners were all superb, they kept warm, they started, they pounded the streets, they took on water and gels, they smiled, their feet left the ground and they finished.  They were all awesome!

Milena Nuti 2:12:18

Zoe Clark 2:13:35

Sarah Bailey 2:13:41

Louise Sopp 2:16:45

Gemma Rafferty 2:16:01

Donna Whitney 2:19:05

Melanie Lynch 2:23:58

Denise Hill 2:29:48

Lisa Duncan 2:29:48

Sarah Badger 2:31:39

Aanjla Sengupta 2:35:58

Natalie Moore 2:43:52

Dawn Andrews TBC

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Results W/E 04/03/2017

On the 4th March 2017, Ellenbrook Fields had 123 runners and 17 volunteers.  Even the sun came out.

The Oh Ladies were:-

Melissa Mileham 23:48

Jan Haydon 25:53

Alison Newberry 28:20

Maria Blythe 28:58

Carrie Hudson 31:23 First Timer!

Rebecca Terry 32:09

Julie Allen 38:35

Catherine Reid 41:38

Allison Skeggs 45:34 Tail Runner


Panshanger Park had 260 runners and one Oh Lady!

Helen Convery 28:37 ** New PB

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Brighton Half Marathon

Sunday 26th February 2017.

Maria Blythe had the chance to run the Brighton Half Marathon again, after last years event was cancelled due to strong winds.  Our Maria was not the only tenacious element out there, as the winds were back in force yet again!

This time however, the event went ahead and Maria came home in a stonking time of 2:03:23 and congratulated herself with tea and pancakes, her favourite pick me up meal of choice.  Well done Maria!

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Results W/E 25/02/2017

Saturday 25th February marked the 100th Parkrun for our very own Denise Hill.  Denise was joined by many Oh ladies, family and friends at the Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun, where cake and chocolates were enjoyed by all.

Here are the Oh results for 25th Feb 2017 at EBF Parkrun

Melissa Mileham 23:50

Denise Hill 26:46

Alison Newberry 27:07

Victoria Tidd 29:37 ** New PB **

Donna O’Toole 29:38

Zoe Clark 29:39

Sylvie Gabbey 30:17

Rebecca Terry 31:39 ** New PB**

Clair Jackelman 32:17 ** New PB **

Aanjla Sengupta 36:56

Sarah Badger 36:57

Natalie Moore 36:57



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New to Running/Back to Running Group – starting March 8th

Happy Spring everyone!  Its a great time to start running!

Congratulations to Denise Hill and Lisa Duncan on becoming New Running Leaders and completing their first aid training.

This dynamic pair are wasting no time in getting started and are offering a New to Running/Back to Running Beginners Group starting on Wednesday March 8th at 6:30 pm, meeting outside the deHavilland Sports Bar behind the Uni Sports Village.  Parking is available at the Uni for free for 2 hours.

If you would like to start with the basics again or you know someone who would like some help and encouragement please forward this information to them.  Spaces are limited to 10 ladies so don’t delay. Please email joinus@ohladies.co.uk to book your place on our New to Running/Back to Running course.


The course is free to members and for new ladies the first session is free and then £27 covers you for the course and the rest of the year as an Oh Lady, including access to all other sessions and UKA membership.

Please email joinus@ohladies.co.uk with any questions.

Happy running!

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