Welwyn Half Marathon 17/03/2019

Jan Haydon Welwyn Half Marathon 1:54:59
Emily Reding Welwyn Half Marathon 2:53:57
Caroline Bernard Welwyn Half Marathon 2:08:23
Adele Baxendale Welwyn Half Marathon 2:08:09
Donna O’Toole Welwyn Half Marathon 2:42:12
Karen Rockliffe Welwyn Half Marathon 3:09:54

Lots of familiar faces on the course and assisting with marshalling.  Well done to each and every one of you who took part in this local Half Marathon event.

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Results W/E 16/03/2019

It seems to be a trend, high winds when its parkrun day!

These courageous ladies battled the 5 K timed courses and one Oh lady got a PB.  Well done Shahinara

Jan Haydon Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 24:59
Nijole Mace Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 27:17
Alison Newberry Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 27:19
Maria Blythe Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 29:25
Denise Hill Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 32:49
Lisa Duncan Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 33:15
Anna-Maria Kress Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 35:11
Shahinara Craveiro Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 39:24
Caroline Bernard Panshanger parkrun 28:51
Tanya Honey Jersey Farm parkrun 40:18
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Results London Vitality Big Half 10/03/2019

A shocking windy day, horizontal rain and Big Ben running backwards!  These crazy ladies gave it their best shot.  You are all amazing!

Sarah Bailey Vitality Half Marathon 2:22:49
Alison Wildey Vitality Half Marathon 2:24:43
Melanie Lynch Vitality Half Marathon 2:32:27
Louise Sopp Vitality Half Marathon 2:42:44
Andrea Halliwell Vitality Half Marathon 1:58:40
Caroline Bernard Vitality Half Marathon 1:56:08
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Results W/E 09/03/2019

It was a wet and windy parkrun day for which 291 runners made a show.  An impressive 15 Oh Lady runners made it round the various 5K timed courses.  Congratulations to you all.

Jan Haydon Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 24:28
Nijole Mace Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 27:12
Alison Newberry Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 27:31
Denise Hill Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 28:42
Beala Mroczek Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 28:51
Donna O’Toole Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 30:51
Lisa Duncan Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 33:41
Emily Reding Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 33:59
Tanya Honey Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 36:12
Shahinara Craveiro Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 40:22
Catherine Reid Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 42:00
Mandy Parsbey Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 55:52
Milena Nuti Panshanger parkrun 28:38
Caroline Bernard Aldenham parkrun 26:43
Maria Blythe Jersey Farm parkrun 29:51
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Results 03/03/2013 Berkhamsted Half Marathon

These girls seems to be unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with, when out running together.  Congratulations to Victoria who got a PB.

Victoria Tidd 03/03/2019 Berkhamsted Half Marathon 01:48:32
Rachel Andrews 03/03/2019 Berkhamsted Half Marathon 02:01:29
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Results W/E 02/03/2019

Jan Haydon 02/03/2019 Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 24:53
Caroline Bernard 02/03/2019 Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 25:48
Beala Mroczek 02/03/2019 Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 28:45
Donna Whitney 02/03/2019 Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 30:23
Sarah Haverson 02/03/2019 Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 31:52
Melanie Lynch 02/03/2019 Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 32:51
Emily Reding 02/03/2019 Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 35:21
Anna-Maria Kress 02/03/2019 Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 35:39
Shahinara Craveiro 02/03/2019 Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 39:46
Donna O’Toole 02/03/2019 Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 39:47
Catherine Reid 02/03/2019 Ellenbrook Fields parkrun 43:54
Tanya Honey 02/03/2019 Arrow Valley parkrun 34:55
Milena Nuti 02/03/2019 Panshanger parkrun 28:42
Maria Blythe 02/03/2019 Dunstable Downs parkrun 29:26

Congratulations Shahinara Craveiro on braking the 40 minute obstacle with a time of 39:46 and to Donna O’Toole for assisting this to happen.  Team work makes the dreams work!

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Results W/E 23/02/2019

A very foggy start to the day, but a good turn out by the Oh Ladies

Caroline Bernard 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 27:19
Denise Hill 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 27:41
Donna O’Toole 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 29:07
Donna Whitney 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 32:44
Amanda Osgood 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 33:11
Kate Atkins 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 34:01
Tanya Honey 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 34:22
Anna-Maria Kress 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 35:45
Melanie Lynch 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 35:46
Mandy Parsbey 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 40:59
Shahinara Craveiro 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 42:02
Lisa Duncan 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 42:10
Sylvie Gabbey 23/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 1:01:07
Catherine Reid 23/02/2019 Rogiet parkrun 40:56
Jan Haydon 23/02/2019 Jersey Farm parkrun 28:19
Maria Blythe 23/02/2019 Preston Park parkrun 32:38
Milena Nuti 23/02/2019 Panshanger parkrun 28:41
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Results W/E 16/02/2019

Congratulations to Maria Blythe for a well deserved PB

Maria Blythe 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 26:18
Alison Newberry 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 27:14
Denise Hill 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 28:13
Alison Wildey 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 30:42
Donna O’Toole 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 31:22
Sylvie Gabbey 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 31:43
Donna Whitney 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 32:09
Clair Jackelman 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 32:20
Sarah Haverson 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 32:59
Amanda Osgood 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 33:16
Lisa Duncan 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 33:20
Kate Atkins 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 34:09
Tanya Honey 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 34:34
Melanie Lynch 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 35:51
Jan Haydon 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 40:12
Shahinara Craveiro 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 40:13
Catherine Reid 16/02/2019 Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 41:06
Caroline Bernard 16/02/2019 Letchworth parkrun 27:29
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