Ellenbrook Fields Parkrun 11/02/2017 saw our very own Allison Skeggs take on her first ever duty as Run Director.  Well done on your success!

Joined by 9 Oh runners (that includes two honorary members of the Hudson family leading the pack) they all received red chocolate love hearts to thank them for running.

Melissa Mileham 24:32

Rebecca Terry 32:22 ** another PB **

Sarah Haverson 33:00

Clair Jackelman 34:28 ** welcome to your 1st EBF Parkrun**

Sylvie Gabbey 35:11

Catherine Reid 37:43

Alison Newberry 39:55 a very fast tail run!

Over at Panshanger Fields Parkrun 11/02/2017

Louise Sopp 29:26

Not sure what Louise received for finishing her race, but congratulations on a great run.