12 Oh ladies attended the Ellenbrook Fields parkrun on Saturday 11th November 2017. This is a timed 5K event, held on the Hatfield Business Parks’ nature reserve.

Annette Stratton, who had just completed her back to running/new to running course, achieved a well deserved personal best.  Well done everyone.

Jan Haydon 25:12
Denise Hill 25:35
Alison Newberry 26:16
Maria Blythe 27:44
Louise Sopp 30:10
Donna O’Toole 30:12
Annette Stratton 31:03
Lisa Duncan 31:18
Clair Jackelman 31:21
Kate Atkins 33:41
Joanne Evershed 37:23
Sylvie Gabbey 38:51