Oh Ladies on Tour, took runners and marshals to Cambridge for the Cambridge Half Marathon on a rather wet Sunday morning.  We moved bins, we picked up rubbish, we got squirted in the face by water, we juggled gels, we hydrated runners and we cheered runners on.    Our runners were all superb, they kept warm, they started, they pounded the streets, they took on water and gels, they smiled, their feet left the ground and they finished.  They were all awesome!

Milena Nuti 2:12:18

Zoe Clark 2:13:35

Sarah Bailey 2:13:41

Louise Sopp 2:16:45

Gemma Rafferty 2:16:01

Donna Whitney 2:19:05

Melanie Lynch 2:23:58

Denise Hill 2:29:48

Lisa Duncan 2:29:48

Sarah Badger 2:31:39

Aanjla Sengupta 2:35:58

Natalie Moore 2:43:52

Dawn Andrews TBC