No one could escape the rain on Sunday, however much we split up and attended various event locations.  Well done you courageous ladies, pat on the back and a nice mug of chocolate!

Carole Dathan Herts 10K Harpenden 58:43
Rachel Andrews HH Half Marathon 02:03:44
Paula Mummery HH Half Marathon 02:10:45
Adele Baxendale HH Half Marathon 02:05:49
Angela Blundell HH Half Marathon 02:07:33
Caroline Bernard HH 10K 59.38
Tessa Reid HH 10K 01:00:16
Amanda Osgood HH 10K 01:06:56
Emily Reading HH 10K 01:07:27
Catherine Reid HH 10K 01:30:33
Suzanne McFarland Royal Parks Half Marat 2:28:59