What a wonderful time we all had.

BMF 2016 – 27 ladies attended the Bournemouth Running Festival and took part in 5K’s, 10K’s and half Marathons.

We arrived Friday 30th September at the New Westcliff Hotel and the festivities started.

Two ladies got up early and attended the Poole Parkrun, well done Gemma and Kim. They then came and supported the 4pm 10K’ers, along with fellow supporters Yvette, Allison, Dawn, and Claire. Donna, Paula, Kirsty and Mandy also supported as their Half Marathon was not until Sunday 08:00 gulp!

Oh Ladies run safe

Here’s links to our results

Kim Barrie (Gibb) 32:28

Gemma Rafferty 32:29

Angela Blundell 55:59

Andrea Halliwell 01:00:25

Tracey Jacob 01:01:21

Alison Wildey 01:01:37

Zoe Clark 01:02:15

Carrie Hudson 01:02:46

Emma Knight 01:02:49

Sarah Haverson 01:06:19

Maxine Goold 01:08:10

Melanie Lynch 01:08:12

Clair Jackelman 01:11:36

Sarah Bailey 01:11:51

Natalie Moore 01:14:02

Alexandra Seaman 01:24:24

Tracey Ede 01:35:57

Half Marathon
Paula Mummery 01:56:00

Kirsty Lemare North 02:23:53

Donna O’Toole 02:24:21

Mandy Tait 03:18:28

We thank you for the support and the good times, Oh’mazing!!!!!