meet our leaders

Carrie Hudson
Carrie HudsonClub Chair
I’m the Chair of the club, and lead sessions on a Sunday morning and Wednesday morning. I have been running for six years, anything from 100 metres to marathons, and am currently working toward a level 1 qualification in coaching in running fitness.
Yvette Rawle
Yvette RawleClub Treasurer
I’m the treasurer and I am proud to be part of such a fab club. Since I joined over 18 months ago, I have run the Willow 10k and London Winter Run. My children attend the Kids’ Club on a regular basis and as an added bonus I have gained some life-long friends.
Sarah Haverson
Sarah HaversonClub Secretary
I started running about three years ago as a means to get fit and get out. I was then introduced to Carrie who has helped me develop as a runner both mentally and physically and I have also had the pleasure in seeing the Oh Ladies Running Club become a reality. I am now club secretary. The Willow 10k was my first race and since then I have completed a variety of races. What I love about the Oh Ladies is that regardless of your ability there is always a group that will serve your needs.
Melanie Lynch
Melanie LynchMembership Secretary
Donna O'Toole
Donna O'TooleRun Leader | Welfare and Safety
My sessions are on Tuesday evenings for those who wish to progress from 5K to 10K. Each session is based around stamina training, increasing times and learning techniques. I am the welfare officer and am studying sports nutrition – helpful when you prepare for big events. The group is full of inspiring ladies and they lift my spirits even after a stressful day in the office.
Paula Mummery
Paula MummeryRun Leader
I joined the club in February 2014 and made some lovely friends. From couch to half marathon, the lovely Oh ladies inspired me to push boundaries. I run the Beginners/Back to Running with Emma Knight and all is looking good and successful!
Maxine Bates
Maxine BatesRace Secretary
I have just turned 47 and have always been sporty. Springboard diving, netball, hurdles, discus and golf, but never ran! I attended the gym every day for classes and had to stop due to finances. I now run, why? Because I found a lovely supportive group, its safe and costs very little. I like a challenge and I have now found my running feet, all thanks to Oh. I really couldn’t have done it on my own.
Zoe Clark
Zoe ClarkCommittee Member
I’m part of the committee who are always coming up with new ideas for the club and organising social events for members. I have met some lovely, friendly ladies that have become really good friends. My 12-year-old daughter and I have taken part in the Kids’ Club and have run 5K races together. It’s been lovely to share these experiences with her.
Alison Wildey
Alison WildeyCommittee Member
I have always run but always alone, until In 2014 a friend suggested I try out the running club she’d recently joined. I haven’t looked back – swapping the loneliness of the long-distance runner for a bunch of like-minded training companions and all the support and advice the Oh Ladies offer.
Amanda TaitData Officer & Social Committee
Yvette JohnstoneCaptain
Andrea HalliwellRun Leader
Sarah BaileyRun Leader
Sarah BadgerRun Leader
Yvette JohnstoneRun Leader
Allison SkeggsRun Leader
Lisa DuncanRun Leader
Denise HillRun Leader
Rachel AndrewsRun Leader