About us

We are a group of women. All types of women. We run together because its more fun than going solo and it’s easier to run in a group with the support and inspiration of others. Don’t get me wrong, running isn’t always easy. If it was, everyone would do it! As the club has evolved our aim is to inspire, enable and support women to be the best we can be.
Oh Ladies Running Club
“I hadn’t run since school when I got asked to join by Carrie. I thought I would give it a go, what a fantastic bunch of ladies”
“Running has been a form of therapy over the last 18 months and the friendships developed whilst running have been the lovely surprise”
“The Oh Ladies, spurred on by Carries daily encouragement, get together socially and support local and national causes”

One member’s story sums up what we are about nicely –

“Nine months before the Willows 10k I could not run ten steps without having to stop yet now here I was lining up to run my first ever 10k!

Before joining the Oh Ladies running club I had not exercised for many years. I was self-conscious at the way I looked and a good four stone overweight, so the fact I was even at the start line was an achievement in itself.

The run started well, but as time went by I began to struggle. There were a couple of times I doubted myself, but I just kept remembering my new life motto which I also had on a necklace that I was wearing that day – ‘never, never give up’.

At 9k I thought that was it I had to dig deep to keep running and wanted to burst into tears when I saw Victoria, another Oh Lady, running up to me, she had come to find me and ran with me whilst continually encouraging me.

The end was then right in front of me in a form of a hill. Panic set in but all of a sudden I found myself surrounded by a group of Oh Ladies willing me up the hill telling me I could do it whilst hearing my parents, husband and other Oh Ladies clapping and cheering me on from the sidelines. I crossed the line with nothing left in me. Carrie, the founder of Oh Ladies, was right there giving me one of the best hugs I have ever had – there were lots of tears.

That day is memorable to me for so many reasons I never dreamt running 10k was something that I could ever do, but I did it! I may have been slow, I may have been near the back, but I did not give up, I did not walk or stop. I had amazing support from all of the Oh Ladies and couldn’t have done it without them. That day gave me my ‘Can-Do’ attitude which I still have today”.