13 09, 2020

(not) parkrun representing Ellenbrook Fields

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Maria WICKS     33:12


Maria WICKS                 30:59
Alison NEWBERRY      27:37


Emily REDING              57:42
Alison NEWBERRY     29:37
Caroline GARDNER     33:01
Catherine REID             51:48
Maria WICKS                 33:14


Alison NEWBERRY        29:55
Emily REDING                59:10
Catherine REID            1:03:57
Maria WICKS                   32:54

30 08, 2020

(not) parkrun representing Ellenbrook Fields

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Maria WICKS                29:37
Caroline GARDNER    32:46
Alison WILDEY            33:30


Alison NEWBERRY      27:50
Emily REDING              35:23
Maria WICKS                 32:37

16 08, 2020

(not) parkrun representing Ellenbrook Fields

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Alison Newberry   27:52

Emily Reding         57:33

Jan Haydon            27:21


Alison NEWBERRY      26:27
Caroline GARDNER     33:29
Catherine REID             43:52
Alison WILDEY             30:08
Maria WICKS                 30:41
Emily REDING              42:24

2 08, 2020

(not) parkrun representing Ellenbrook Fields

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Emily REDING       42:46
Catherine REID       46:54
Maria WICKS           31:08
Caroline GARDNER        32:35
Emily REDING                40:29
Alison NEWBERRY        26:40
19 07, 2020

(not) parkrun representing Ellenbrook Fields

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Alison NEWBERRY   27:26

Caroline GARDNER  32:18

Maria WICKS              29:59

Catherine REID          59:45
Emily REDING           39:27
14 07, 2020

Results 2019/2020- Catherine Reid

2020-07-14T14:45:42+01:00July 14th, 2020|Categories: News|

Congratulations to Catherine for taking part in so many events both local and international, as well as being a regular at parkrun!

2/6/2019 AONB Half  Marathon  3:30

9/6/2019 St Albans Half Marathon  3:19

15/6/2019  Footing Des Marins Armada Race Rouen, France  6k  51:55

15/9/2019 Ware 5 Rivers Half Marathon  3:50

22/9/2019  Welwyn Half Marathon  3:35

6/10/2019  Bournemouth Half Marathon  3:06

10/11/2019  Grand Union Canal Half Marathon 3:29

17/11/2019  St Neots Half Marathon  3:19

31/12/2019  Dangerpoint Half Marathon, Gansbaai, South Africa 3:45

1/3/2020 London Big Half Marathon 3:21

8/3/2020 Cambridge Half Marathon 3:12

19/6/2020 Summer Solstice 10k 1:24

12 07, 2020

not(parkrun) representing Ellenbrook Fields parkrun

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Tue  Maria WICKS           Female  VW35-39  Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group  29:46
Sat   Emily REDING        Female  VW45-49  Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group  40:33
Sun Alison NEWBERRY Female  VW55-59  Old Hatfield Ladies Running Group  27:35
11 04, 2020

Brighton Half 2020 race review

2020-07-08T08:53:41+01:00April 11th, 2020|Categories: News|

Having run this race in 2019, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2013, it is safe to say it is one of my favourites!

Of course, February in Brighton can mean unpredictable weather, but whether it’s a balmy 17c (2019) or howling gale-force winds (2020) there is always huge crowd support and a great atmosphere.

The race starts at the seafront and for around two-and-a-half miles you head gently uphill towards Ovingdean. It’s the only hill of a fairly flat and fast race, and this year the wind was behind us on the way up! You turn and run back down towards the town centre again, with lovely views out to sea the whole way. Just before the five-mile marker you’re back near the start and head inland to run past the Pavilion.

At six-and-a-half miles, you’re back on the seafront, this time heading west towards Hove, on the road. There are always loads of people supporting, often there are some performers outside the big seafront hotels and as you get closer to Hove, more people will be blasting music from their windows to cheer you around (which this year was definitely needed – did I mention the wind?).

At Hove Lagoon (around the 10-mile point – just a parkrun to go) you turn and head back along the seafront, this time running along the promenade past all the pretty beach huts, with the i360 and piers insight (and the wind behind). The crowd support gets even better along here, and the final miles always seem to fly by.

Once you crossed the line, there were foil blankets, water (in recyclable cans), bananas, cereal bars and of course the all-important medal.

You are then spoilt for choice as to where to go to refuel after all that running. Even with the horrendous winds, I enjoyed it and I am sure I will be back again!

– Maria Wicks

Maria Wicks
11 04, 2020

Keep on (virtual) Running

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These are unprecedented times and the priority is very much on looking after yourselves and each other.

Our club ethos is: Inspire, Enable, Support, so, with that in mind please continue to use our Facebook page to share your inspiring reads, your enabling podcasts and your supportive comments.

Lots of us are still trying to stay active, even if it’s just a stroll around the garden.

Leader Shahinara has come up with a great way to do this and stay in contact with your running club buddies.

Running during a pandemic… is it possible? Do we even want to?!? How can we do it together?! – the answer is yes, yes and keep reading!

These past few weeks have been nothing short of a nightmare for many of us. The fear of getting COVID-19 is real. Many of us have extra childcare responsibilities, others have extra stress at work or no work, some of us are on the frontline, fearing for our families but still going to work for the good of the community.

On the running front, those who had races booked have faced the disappointment of cancellations or postponements – no London Landmarks, no Manchester, no Brighton, no London Marathon. Months of training in cold and miserable weather to be told at the last hurdle, there’s no victory lap! Well, for now anyway!

So how does one get over this knockdown? First thing I did was sign up like a crazy person to any race that had the potential to go ahead. However, it was apparent after I’d signed up, that these would not happen.

Next, sign up to some virtual races. Not quite the same as running in a race – no cheers, no high fives, no jelly babies but what you did get was the support of an online community. Your name on a virtual leaderboard perhaps a medal. For now, this would have to do! And it kind of works if you have a particular race distance in mind. Though bear in mind virtual races often have costs.

What about normal, weekly running? How do I do that? To be honest, I didn’t know. I had no motivation. Going out running on my own seemed such a chore, not the experience I enjoyed with my fellow OH Ladies

To get myself out, I asked one of my friends if they’d join me for a virtual run. This meant we both left our own house at the same time, took a selfie and sent it to the other, then off we went! Respecting all social distancing rules and government guidelines for exercise.

The first one was just two of us but then I thought we could get more people involved. Friday we had six people on our virtual run. We had great support from each other over messages so even when the face-to-face support is missing, the online messages of support and encouragement has been great!

What else can we do? I’ve also borrowed RED January from Mind and am doing RED April. Run or exercise once a day for the whole of April to lift your mood and improve your mental health. I started on April 3 so you can start now too. Any form of exercise inside or outside will do!

So ladies, lace up your trainers, put on your favourite T-shirt, wear your bling, but let’s keep getting out there to help us get through this with better mental health. See you on our virtual run!

– Shahinara Craveiro

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